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We are super excited to see you soon!

We have some final words for you.

Saturday Registration is 8am-8:30am. We will be starting the event at 8:45am SHARP - please support us by arriving with adequate time for us to get you registered and the day kicked off.

We will be wrapping the day at 5:30pm with an opportunity for a conversation and connection at the end of the day.
Lunch break is scheduled for 12:30pm-1:40pm.
Throughout the event, you are welcome to use the bathrooms, grab a drink of water, etc as you please.

Sunday is an 8:30am Registration for a 9am start again, lunch scheduled for 12:50pm, followed by 5:30pm close out of the weekend.


- Do I need an actual physical or printed ticket? No, all you need is your name and we’ll get you registered and ready to go.

- Some people have been asking us if women can come - YES, 100%! This is open to women. If you would like to bring your partner - regardless of who that is - then please free to do so. Just grab a ticket, there are a few left as of sending this email:

- Can you just attend one of the days? Ideally, we would love to see you for both days of the event. However, we understand some people simply can't due to unforeseen circumstances. If that is you, you will definitely get a lot from either day. But if possible - even if it means moving something - we encourage you to get along for both days.

- Will there be food? We don't have the budget to stretch to feed everyone, unfortunately. We have a number of VIP tickets who will be fed, however, for those of you General Admission attendees, there will be a solid lunch break - see above - to get out and get re-fueled. Feel free to bring in a few little snacks of your own if you would like.

- What should you wear? Well, this is one of those things that's up to you. We want you to feel comfortable, of course. If you want to look sharp, go for it :-)

For now, we think that's about it.

Bring a pad and pen if you'd like - there WILL be things to write down. And definitely an open mind, bring that too!

See you soon,
The Manifest Leadership Team